One of the most serene countries in the world is Ireland, it is known for its unique and captivating beauty. While some  tourists in Ireland spend most of their time shopping, visiting the Dublin Castle and many more, others  find the riverside as a pleasant attraction.

The River Liffey is a very popular river in Ireland which supplies much of Dublin’s water. Although now called the Liffey in ancient times, the famous river was known as ‘An Ruirthech’ meaning “the stampeding one”, a name which reflects the watercourse’s propensity to sudden floods of fast flowing water. It gets its source from Kippure, county Wicklow. The River Liffey which runs through the center of Dublin and has been used for many centuries for trade, from the Vikings beginning of the city up to recent times. It is also connected to the River Shannon via the Grand Canal and the Royal Canal.

photocredit: Folarts

The Liffey river is used by private universities and Garda rowing clubs. it is widely used for recreational activities such as canoeing, rafting, fishing, swimming. Although, the River Liffey does not look like an inviting spot for a swim by anybody’s standard once a year more than 200 swimmers brave the waters on the first Saturday of September.

Liffey is most especially very beautiful at night when the lights around the O’Connell bridge reflects into the river depicting its calm nature as the sweet evening breeze brushes through the water setting a calm, peaceful and serene environment, this is, however, the best time to take a stroll along its banks and you will be surprised how beautiful the River Liffey looks at night.

photocredit: Folarts

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